Medical Optoelectronics

Endoscope Video System

Mobile X-ray systems are used throughout the hospital from in-patient, to NICU, Operating Room, and Emergency Room imaging. The need for point of care, fast, reliable, and high IQ imaging is growing as technology shifts from analog / CR cassettes to wireless flat panel.

Operating Microscope

An operating microscope is an optical microscope specifically designed to be used in a surgical setting, typically to perform microsurgery.


Colposcopy is a procedure to closely examine cervix vagina and vulva for signs of disease.

ENT Treatment Unit

ENT treatment Unit in which the required tools for spray, vent & anti-fog function to be used for the medical examination & treatment of ear, nose and throat are installed. It is installed with Anti-fog system. It can be used with ENT chair and visual system.

Video Laryngoscope

Video laryngoscopy is a form of indirect laryngoscopy in which the clinician does not directly view the larynx. Instead, visualization of the larynx is performed with a fiberoptic, or digital laryngoscope inserted trans nasally or trans orally